March, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Bexley Music Parents Monthly Meeting

March 13, 2019

In Attendance

John Millard

Chris Millard

Christy Steffy

Amy Lauerhass

Stephanie Cahill

Ryan Sullivan

Jason Hogue

Barb Sahr

Amy Blosser

Andy Johnson



Amy did not send out January minutes – will approve 2 months next month

OMEA Mini-Conference – John, Chris & Laura Martin attended

Chris did a quick summary of what they learned

Good fundraising ideas

Good website ideas


Amy met with Greg from Marcy Design about building a new website

Will be getting proposal soon

Hope to build website in spring/summer and get up and running before new school year


Current restructuring is happening

Different position names

Secretary into Communications

VP into Membership

Hand out draft at April meeting, and approve in May

Invite people to come in both April and May to review and approve


Inventory almost gone

Suzanne will help next year, but cannot chair

New school store – just opened – add our merch in there?


BEF Partnership

Met with BEF with Pam Glasgow & Julie Cohen

They explained their general ideas of what they support

More arts & academic focused (not sports)

Want to work more in partnership with them to achieve more goals

New Fundraising Idea

Could BMP take over all concert programs and sell ads?

Asking teachers what they think…

Andy & Jason are OK with handing over entire program

Amy wants to do her own programs

Just need enough time to proof names/music etc.

Maybe start this year – do an ad this year to put in ads next year

Do we print it at school, or get it professionally printed?

Ads are for an entire season – maybe do as in insert??

Do we do a “quarterly” program including all programs?

Mike Nolan has spearheaded new sports program for fall/winter events

Are we hitting same businesses for ads?

Need Board of Education approval for ad solicitation

New Position

BMP to advocate for a new Arts Secretary position, in conjunction with theater program

There is a full-time secretary for athletics, and it is not a curricular program

All music programs are curricular

Teachers to come up with list of activities that this position could do, and how much time it takes

An administrative position would be more cost-effective than a faculty (aid) position

One continuing issue is stage management

Worthington City Schools has a full-time stage manager for both high schools

Our Position – to be half stage manager & half secretary?

Current stage manager is hourly wage – always over on hours

Spends almost all his time on theater productions

Kids are up in catwalks – is dangerous and a liability issue for district

Parent Institute

Sunday March 31st from 12:30 – 1:30

BMP will have a table there

District-wide event

Scholarship Recipient – teachers be thinking about possible students



Orchestra – Report via Email – Cassie Benedict not in attendance

HS orchestras preparing new music for string fling on March 27

Looking forward to day trip to Cincinnati to see the Cincinnati Symphony and Newport Aquarium on March 28

Grateful for BMPs support of this trip to help with the ticket costs & t-shirts

Middle school students have been working on new pieces for the upcoming string fling

MS solo and ensemble contests in April

Kings Island in May to compete in Music in the Parks

Elementary orchestras are really coming along.

String fling concert will combine all 4th and 5th grade students from the district

72 students in the 4th grade combined orchestra

39 5th graders combined

Students are SUPER excited to be joining forces with the other schools

Choir – Amy Blosser

Working towards Cupid Cabaret good success

Mozart Requiem on February 24th was an exceptional performance

Ron Jenkins (CSO Chorus Director) saw dress rehearsal and invited some kids

to rehearse with the CSO rehearsal

ACDA – National Conference in Kansas City

Amy is on Board – has completed her 2 terms

Publication used nationally to select literature

Congrats to Amy on being published in this – a big honor!

Composer Andrew Lippa – lives in Columbus and came to Mozart concert

Amy Blosser enjoyed having dinner with him

Middle School concert last Sunday – they did a great job – sounded the best all year

Monday – Wooster Chorus on BUMC & VE performed in first part

Last Night – Elementary Festival – Diane Goodney handled it

Coming Up – MS Solo & Ensemble – same day as Mamma Mia

Doing their own thing the following week

Maybe do an outdoor concert with Middle School?  Tuesday May 7th

Maybe boosters organize a cookout?

Can borrow grills from City of Bexley

More casual feel with community

Very large group (for gym) now that 6th graders are included

Auctioned off one fancy dinner with steaks

Band – Andy Johnson

Everybody super excited about Hawaii trip

85 people going

A little bit of surplus left over for tour directors tips & any unforeseen

Mattress Sale – Made $3000 ($2500 to band; $500 to students)

Felt like the mattress company publicity was less than last year

35 kids participated in Solo & Ensemble Competition

Jeff Schneider helped and was extremely helpful to Andy

Percussion invited to OSU for clinic

Only 10 schools invited

Only 4 performed in evening and Bexley was picked to perform!


Jazz – Jason Hogue

Two weeks ago went to Beavercreek Jazz Festival

Got great feedback from adjudicators

Bryan Olsheski – top tenor saxophone player in county – lives here in Bexley

Hosted a saxophone sectional this week

Coming back in two weeks to follow up

Final Concert April 4th

Going to Lincoln Theater to see Hunter Tones – jazz group – recent OSU grads

April 12th – middle school jazz going to Capital Jazz Festival for clinics


Treasurer – Christy Steffy

Per report provided

Christy set expectations for future check-writing

Constant requests are getting unwieldy

Will do all business moving forward through new email address

Next Meeting April 3rd at 7:00 pm

Adjourned  8:30 pm