December, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Bexley Music Parents Monthly Meeting

December 5, 2018

In Attendance

John Millard

Chris Millard

Christy Steffy

Natalie Cohen

Amy Lauerhass

Jack Plumley

Andrea Lourie

Laura Martin

Amy Blosser

Cassie Benedict



October & November minutes approved

Kiosk Project

Andrea contacted Harley & hasn’t heard back yet

Still searching for BMP rep – Barb Sahr is contacting 2 people she thinks would work well

together – hoping they’ll agree to be our liaison

Spring project – get with teachers to choose initial photos & videos

Street Concerts

Another check came in (was accidentally set aside by donator)

Montrose Grant

Replacement of mallet instruments – they asked us to partner with BEF

BEF declined request – said they felt the district should pay for this expense

Allison Labida wanted everything replaced at once, for about $20,000

Maybe not do all at once?

Maybe use some of overall district music budget? ($17,500 per year)

Bill Manchester is district music coordinator – is clarifying piano tuning costs

Everyone uses pianos – which fund does it come out of?

How are funds spent?  Who decides?  Has become confusing

Sheet music used to come from separate school budgets, but now from district?

Practice Room pianos rarely get done!

Maybe BMP can help with piano tuning?  About 15 +/- tunings per year; about $100 per

Square Readers

Ordered 2 readers for music program use

Kyle Smith (District Treasurer) did not want school emails or teacher emails on account

Didn’t want readers used for pay-to-play or dues

BMP Board or Parent Reps need to use them

Will all be tied to BMP operating account

Each sale designates item specifically

Money isn’t always transferred chronologically – can be confusing if have 2 close events

No easy way to track when money comes in, but each purchase shows what was bought

Will need items & prices from teachers, as well as who is going to use the device

Need to use phone (or Ipad) with Square “Point of Sale” app


Domain Name expires soon – Ryan is working on getting Charles to hand over website, and contacting original person that registered domain name (Terri Ghitman)

Ear Protection

Police Department is buying 200 pairs of ear plugs for band use

25 db reduction – flange type with cord

Police would like to hand out ear plugs to band students

Mike Nolan – attend to take pictures?


Teacher Reports

Orchestra – Cassie Benedict

December crazy!  Elementary – first performance – MT Dec 12th CS Dec 18th

Middle school – playing tests

High School – concert tomorrow

Spirit wear sale wrapping up

Trip to Cincinnati was approved – program aimed for students

Space themed concert + lunch + aquarium

March 28th 2019

Starting to prepare for solo & ensemble competition

Choir – Amy Blosser

November was slower

HS Musical was successful and showcased lots of music students

Festival of the Arts performances were great – teaches flexibility in performance with loud crowd

6th grade performing this Saturday for City of Bexley Pancake Breakfast

VE sang at tree lighting ceremony

HS winter concert on December 16th at 2:00 pm – accepting donations + food for Bishop Griffin

If kids bring in 20 items, it counts towards service hours

Delivered on Thursday the 20th to BGC

Looking forward to seeing alumni at concert

CD’s for sale of last year’s Europe tour & fall concert CD’s

Dec 18th for VE – Trinity Episcopal Church at 1:00 pm

Sing at Statehouse Rotunda after on same day – parents can watch

Recorded and shown as part of their website + social media

Nutcracker Performances

VE & Women’s Chorale serve as Snow Chorus

Singing on Dec 22nd at two shows, and 23rd at two shows

Each student gets 2 comp tickets

Solo & Ensemble – February 16th regular date; conflict date was to be MLK weekend

OMEA website is confusing; each district has to decide to have a conflict date; our district didn’t; her kids can go without her, as she is not available to go the 16th

As another option; Amy will host her own solo & ensemble contest; date TBD

She will get her own judges she feels will give quality, relevant feedback

Band – Natalie Cohen (Andy Johnson not in attendance)

Pep band starting – free sweatshirt is big draw for pep band!

Concert band starting – playing audition videos in, and seating occurring

Jan 17th 7-12th grades big concert – requested off site location – Valley Dale Ballroom

Dinner catered by Made from Scratch

Hawaii – hotels & flights secured

BEF awarded scholarships for those in need

Solo & Ensemble preparation has begun; Jeff Schneider agreed to assist again this year

February 17th – second annual mattress sale – $5200 last year – goal of $6000 this year

Cassingham band Dec 18th at school assembly and then in the evening

Natalie will look into banner condition

Jazz – Jason Hogue

Not in attendance


Officers Reports

Treasurer – Christy Steffy

Per report provided


Membership – (Chris Millard – Barb Sahr not in attendance)

27 new lifetime members this year

159 annual memberships

Membership form – take off “return to teachers” and return to office

Merchandise – John Millard

Festival of the Arts – very successful sale!

40% paid with cash & check

60% paid with square (credit card)

Community Days – Jack Plumley

Brassica – successful

Chipotle – add another day in May

No response from Giant Eagle or Rusty Bucket after 2 contacts

Freshii – maybe in January

Next Meeting January 9th (SECOND Wednesday) at 7:00 pm

Adjourned 8:17 pm